WHY have a blog for your website?


That is what I wondered!  For that matter, why does anyone have one?  The obvious answer is, there are many answers, apparently.  They tell me it helps search engines better find my website.  That can’t be a bad thing. They also tell me that it is important to have a blog  for a photography website, so show off your work.  OK.  That makes sense as well.  So I will do it for those reasons.  However, there are a couple of reasons I WANT to do a blog.  One, I am social by nature.  I simply love people, and this gives me another opportunity to connect with people.  And two ( I know, you aren’t supposed to start a sentence with “And”), I LOVE to teach!  Maybe I can help some of my friends and some strangers (friends I haven’t yet met), to be a little bit better at photography.  Most of us are photographers, by the way. We all take pictures, don’t we?  And all of us see profile pictures or posted pictures from time to time and wish we had the wherewithall to compose and take a similar photo.  So, here we go.  If you have time to follow one more blog, then “follow me”.  Together we can grow our skill in this amazing new phenomenon called “digital photography”.  Image

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