Posing for Your Wedding Photos

1. Making sure that you are ready on time will give the photographer enough time to get the best possible shots prior to the wedding ceremony. The more time you give your photographer, the higher quality memorable photos you will have.Wedding preparation, Wedding Photography, Jess Stephenson Photography

2. Practicing posing for your wedding photos is very helpful for the photographer and your own comfort. If you are uneasy about how you think you may look when you are posing your facial expression will show it. It helps to practice in a mirror or have a friend take a fun photoshoot of you. Check out these posing tips here.Posing, Wedding Photography, Jesse Stephenson Photography

3. Designating a person to help coordinate group photos is very helpful. The photographer is responsible for taking a number of formal pictures and having someone such as the wedding planner help gather the family helps make everything very efficient.Formal Wedding Pictures, Jesse Stephenson PhotographyFormal Wedding Pictures, Jess Stephenson Photography

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