Wilmington Weddings Event

I took Matt, one of my new interns, on his first photoshoot at the Wilmington Weddings event. We got some great shots of the event and met with a bunch of wedding vendors at the beautiful venue at 128 South.

Few Moves Moving Company Photoshoot

I took a couple of great shots both in and out of the studio, of my good friend Travis Few and his moving company Few Moves. We had a great time shooting with Grady the Dog and the guys.   

Professional Profile Photoshoot

I had the pleasure to take a few professional profile shots of Leslie Rasmussen and her coworkers at Pure Insurance.

‘Veteran’s for Mindful Recovery’ Tankchair Demonstration

I was invited by Greg Blackwell to shoot the demonstration for this amazing adaptive wheelchair called the Tankchair. Many of us got to test drive the Tankchair. It allows the disabled the freedom to move throughout any terrain they please. One can imagine that the joy of being able to enjoy the natural world in the way you couldn’t before could make access to…

Belize Outdoors fishing show

26 January CATEGORIES: DIVING, PHOTOGRAPHY, UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY I just got back from a trip to Belize, helping shoot a fishing show.  What fun! Here is the link to a teaser for the show.  It will air in May. Enjoy! .