What makes a good photograph?

What makes a good photograph?  If you aren’t trained as a photographer, you may not be able to explain why a photograph is good, but you know one when you see one.  After all, it speaks to you.  It evokes emotion, and allows you to feel what the photograph is conveying. Photography has two sides to it:  Art and Craft The art side is…

Beach sillouette of engaged couple

  I shot this  silloutte of Adrianne and Allen, while we were scoping out the area they will be getting married at.  

Compositing for fun!

10 January CATEGORIES: PHOTO TRAINING, WEDDINGS Here is a great way to add to a wedding album or even a portrait session.  Once you do a photo session in the studio, get a nice background photo, combine the two, and, voila! You end up with a creative image that is ready for framing or placing on canvas!   Tags: beautiful, ceremony, curious, looking, pretty, professional, Wrightsville Beach

Comparing cameras

08 January CATEGORIES: PHOTO TRAINING, PHOTOGRAPHY When I was a SEAL, we would at times speak in terms or superior firepower. It had to do with, among other things, advanced equipment. Last week I blogged about superior equipment being one of the reasons for hiring a professional photographer. Here is an example. Keep in mind that both are good, common images. Both images are right from…

“Uncle Fred” versus a professional photographer

I like to think in terms of threes, so let’s look at three reasons to hire a professional photographer.  Better equipment, training and  better photos! 1) Better photos.  Let’s face it.  We have all had photos taken of us that we just don’t like!  Maybe we can’t put our finger on it, or maybe we know exactly why we don’t like these photos.  Wanna know…