This past Saturday, my intern and I, got the chance to shoot our first Bat Mitzvah. We celebrated miss Izzy’s coming of age in the Jewish tradition. Thankfully Joel briefed us on the cultural traditions of the ceremony so we were able to capture all of the special moments. It was really exciting to see the Hora dance, where Izzy and her family were…


Last Thursday we photographed Lisa and Elijah’s wedding at the River Room(link to river room site) in Downtown Wilmington. If you love the Downtown Wilmington area then this is a definite venue of consideration for your wedding. They were a very lively crowd and shooting them was thoroughly enjoyable, especially after everyone had a few drinks at the reception hall. We got some great…

Wedding Detail Shots

Although the wedding ceremony is mostly about the people involved it is also very important to capture the setting and memorabilia. Someone spent a lot of time preparing the venue for the ceremony and it is necessary that we capture the venue before it has been populated by the guests. It is great to capture shots of the church or natural environment the bride and groom…

Wedding Dress Photos

Before the bride gets ready on wedding day, the photographer will typically take the wedding dress to stage a photo of the wedding dress. The dress is a very iconic piece of the wedding. The history of the wedding dress dates back to when weddings were not necessarily chosen to occur by love. Marriages occurred to join families for benefits in wealth and social status. The…

4 Stages of a Wedding pt.4

Part 4 is the reception where detail shots of the room before people have arrived are taken and then shots of everyones arrival are taken. The rest of the reception will be documented similarly to the ceremony focusing mainly on special events such as the first dance, toasts, the party, and cake cutting.

4 Stages of a Wedding Pt.3

Part 3 begins at the end of the ceremony, where all immediate family and the bridal party are involved in group photos. There are a list of must have shots: Bride, Groom, Celebrant Bride and Groom with Bride’s parents family and grandparents Bride and Groom with Groom’s parents family and grandparents The entire bridal party Several pictures of the bride and groom separate Bride…

4 Stages of a Wedding pt.2

Part 2 begins at the start of the ceremony. This will simply be a series of photojournalistic shots taken of the ceremony. There will be two photographers taking photos and a GoPro set up to take a video of the ceremony.

Baby Mirna Yanes Photo Session

I had the pleasure of having a photo session with beautiful little miss Mirna Yanes.

Janet and Gary’s Pre Wedding Photo Session at Wrightsville Beach

The night before Janet and Gary’s wedding I brought them out to north end of Wrightsville Beach at sunset to capture some great shots of the married couple to be.

Wrightsville Beach Family Portraits

I had a wonderful beach photoshoot with my good friend D.J., his wife Katie, and their two kids. Jonah was really excited to get some great action shots of his killer jumps. As always, Wrightsville Beach was beautiful that day and the smells under the Crystal Pier from The Oceanic provoked a desire for their wonderful seafood.