Wedding Dress Photos

Before the bride gets ready on wedding day, the photographer will typically take the wedding dress to stage a photo of the wedding dress. The dress is a very iconic piece of the wedding. The history of the wedding dress dates back to when weddings were not necessarily chosen to occur by love. Marriages occurred to join families for benefits in wealth and social status. The…

The Bride and her Dad

    Here are some great emotional shots of the Bride and her father:

Posing for Your Wedding Photos

1. Making sure that you are ready on time will give the photographer enough time to get the best possible shots prior to the wedding ceremony. The more time you give your photographer, the higher quality memorable photos you will have. 2. Practicing posing for your wedding photos is very helpful for the photographer and your own comfort. If you are uneasy about how…

Deciding on an outdoor wedding

There are so many beautiful places to have your wedding in the Wilmington area and you may decide you want an outdoor wedding. The beach and parks of Wilmington create a wonderful setting and mood and will create some wonderful pictures, but the weather can always be a very intimidating issue. If it doesn’t rain, too much sun in an unshaded area could also…

4 Stages of a Wedding Pt. 1

Around 60-70 percent of the photography will be from a narrative or journalistic approach. The rest will be portrait style, where I will help pose you and/or your family. This is helpful to capture great bride shots, bride and groom portraits, family, and bridal party photos. For the sake of photography, I like to break the wedding into 4 segments. The first is… Getting…

Wilmington Wedding Expo

    I attended the Wilmington Wedding Expo and got some great shots of the girls modeling the dresses and this little guy playing in the smoke machine.

Wedding Photos-Blake & Kristen

Candy and I had an opportunity to shoot a wedding for Blake and Kristen at Poplar Grove Plantation last night.  the weather was beautiful, and the backdrop of the old barn during the ceremony was amazing.  Congrats guys!

Chris & Hazel’s wedding

I got in an early morning beach wedding in Kure beach last Friday with Chris and Hazel. What a great way to start the 4th of July! then off to the mountains to spend a long weekend with my sis Alleen and her family. we woke up to 54 degrees! Not quite like Wilmington…

Josh & Toni’s wedding

Josh and Toni’s wedding was absolutely amazing!  Toni looked beautiful in her wedding gown, and we had perfect weather to take a stroll down a wooded path after supper.

3 weddings in a week!

Today starts a very busy week! I have some nervous energy this morning as we pack for today’s wedding, which is 2 hours away. We will spend the night, and come back tomorrow afternoon. Then Tuesday we get to board the “Carolina Girl” yacht to shoot an underwater wedding. What? That is in Charleston, and it is actually the first time Candy and I…