How to be Prepared for Your Senior Photoshoot!

1. Clothing: While you’re attempting to pick out the perfect outfits for your photoshoot try not to delineate too far from your original style. The aim of this photoshoot is to capture your essence and personality which you normally reflect in your everyday casual wear. Of course, if your casual wear is a t-shirt and gym shorts, then you may want to aim for a less casual look unless we will be shooting in a gym setting. Whatever style you feel the most comfortable in and reflects your personality will always work.

2. Color: When choosing your outfit be wary of the environment you are wishing to shoot in. Be sure not to make yourself obviously out of place in that environment. Also, be wary about the number of colors your outfit contains. Solid colors are preferred for close up shots. Neutral skin tone colors are usually not a great idea.

3. Environment: There are plenty of beautiful places in the Wilmington area and you may utilize any of them. Wrightsville Beach, Nature Preserves, and the Downtown Wilmington area are hotspots. Pick out places that you normally hang out at or would like to hang out at if you had more free time. Any place that makes you feel comfortable and at ease will produce the best representation of you.

4. Hair and Makeup: It is fine to do your own hair and makeup however, it is great alternative if you can get your hair and makeup down by your favorite cosmetologist. If you do choose to do your own hair and makeup, it is best if you try not to experiment with your hair or make up on the day of senior portraits. You should come in with the normal amount of makeup that you usually wear and a practiced hairstyle. Be sure to bring in your makeup just in case you need to freshen up. Beards and mustaches should be neatly trimmed a couple days before to prevent the obviousness of the trim.

5. Bring a Friend: The best way to feel comfortable when you meet a new photographer is to have someone you are already very close to with you. Comfort is very important in a photoshoot, because your facial expression will really show your uneasiness and our job is to capture your personality as best as we can.