Wedding Dress Photos

Before the bride gets ready on wedding day, the photographer will typically take the wedding dress to stage a photo of the wedding dress. The dress is a very iconic piece of the wedding. The history of the wedding dress dates back to when weddings were not necessarily chosen to occur by love. Marriages occurred to join families for benefits in wealth and social status. The wedding dress was then used as a symbol to reflect the wealth and social standing of the families involved. As marriages evolved towards the modern view, the families wealth and status were less cared about but, the beauty of the dress still remained as an important reflection of the bride and most brides spend a long time choosing the dress they want on their big day. So, capturing a great photo of the dress is very important. If you happen to be looking for a wedding dress in the Wilmington area, check out Camille’s of Wilmington. Here are some examples of wedding dress shots I have taken:
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